Local Initiatives

In the Fall of 2017, Liberty Dining Services made the switch to use Eco-Products, a company that provides 100% biodegradable flatware, plate ware, and cups. Their products are also BPA-free, compostable, and made from renewable energy sources such as cane sugar.

To pair with our Eco-Products, we partnered with Liberty University's Recycling department and Royal Oak Farms, a local waste management company. Because of this partnership, we instituted specific recycle bins on campus for students to put these Eco-Products into along with other compostable items. 

Urban Farming

In the Fall of 2017, we implemented our first urban farming herb garden in our dining hall. This garden grows various types of herbs and plants (such as basil, thyme, parsley, broccoli and more) which are used in various dishes served in the dining hall. Plant growth in this system is supported by a special lighting kit that helps feed the plants and a state-of-the-art water filtration system.

Xprss Nap Dispensers save energy and waste. 

The napkins are made of 100% recycled paper. Energy is saved because less power is used to recycle paper products than to create them from virgin material.  

We are a trayless campus.

Customers without trays typically waste less food and beverages. It is also a healthier approach to eating, as we all know that at times our eyes are bigger than our stomach. Trayless dining also reduces the amount of water and detergents needed to wash trays - and saves energy too!

Reducing waste is very important. 

It results in less food waste in landfills where it emits methane which is 21x more powerful than CO2.  The LeanPath kitchen waste tracking system records and tracks all of the food waste from our kitchen. This helps us to identify and change practices which result in food waste.  By tracking waste we inform our staff and focus our efforts.  On average, Sodexo has experienced a 40% decrease in kitchen food waste when the LeanPath system is in place. 

Green Seal Certified

92% of the chemicals Sodexo uses are “Green Seal” certified, concentrated or sustainable.

Buying Local

We work closely with local produce distributors to maximize the fruits and vegetables purchased from local farms. We also purchase from local dairies and participate in farm to school initiatives.  Tracking local purchases helps us to meet our Better Tomorrow Plan commitment of 20% local purchase by 2020. 

Going forward by giving back.

We are proud to feature 100% Transfair, Fair Trade USA certified aspretto coffee and 100% USDA certified organic and ethically sourced Numi teas. Everything that touches the product is green, from the 10% post-consumer fiber cups to the renewable resource stirrers to the fair trade sugar wrapped in recyclable paper and printed with vegetable dye.

Argo Tea & The Food Court at Reber-Thomas

Our on-campus Argo Tea and Food Court use Caribou Coffee, which is rainforest certified, small batch crafted, and sourced from small farmers.

Cage-Free Eggs

In the Spring of 2019, our campus switched entirely to only using eggs from cage-free raised chickens, which is a part of Sodexo's overall initiative to create a more sustainable future.