Savor Box

Your Meal Prep Time Saver Has Arrived.


Introduced in the Spring semester of 2018, Liberty Dining Services rolled out their newest program, Savor Box. Similar to other box programs such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, Savor Box is a complete meal in a box. This program was worked on by a terrific team of individuals, including our campus executive chef and campus dietitian, to ensure a well-balanced meal is offered in every box.


Life gets busy and we at Liberty Dining Services get that. Sometimes students and staff just don't have time to eat on campus or even shop and prep their own meals at home. Savor Box was created with the busy lifestyle in mind. This box provides a complete meal packed with good nutrients, so students and staff can savor more time with what matters most to them and stop stressing about what’s for dinner. Savor Box can be purchased at The Grid, Hilltop Pizza, and Founder's Food Court for a meal swipe + $1.99 or for those not using a meal swipe, it costs $7.49. Each box is packaged in environmentally friendly material, which is in line with our overall campus shift towards only utilizing eco-friendly products. Savor Box meals work off a 6-week rotation, meaning each week the Savor Box option will change.

All meals can easily be prepared with basic kitchen equipment and utensils.

Savor Box Meal Rotation:

September 10 – September 23: Santé Fe Breakfast Bowl
September 24 – October 7: Chicken Marsala and Green Beans
October 8 – October 21:Italian Night - Fresh Pasta, Marinara Sauce, mozzarella, fresh peppers, onion, zucchini, mushrooms, herb breadstick, and grilled chicken
October 22 – November 4: Chipotle flank steak bibb lettuce wrap with rice & beans
November 5 – November 18: Spicy shrimp & kimchi rice paper wrap
November 26 – December 9:Fall Harvest Bowl - apricot turkey and barley bowl